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    Get on the path to DPC success

    DPC Accelerator™ is a free training and coaching program for Hint customers. You’ll learn what it takes to design, launch, and grow a thriving Direct Primary Care practice—and you’ll get help putting it all together to realize your vision.


    Lauren Tancredi
    Practice Development Expert

    Seasoned practice development expert, Lauren Tancredi, has taken what she's learned over 10+ years converting fee-for-service practices to direct care and combined it with strategies utilized by Hint's most successful direct care customers.

    The result is a free training program unlike any other — exclusively for Hint customers. You'll get bite-sized, step-by-step video lessons that will teach you the business fundamentals and guide you through the process of leveling up your own marketing, sales, and operations.

    Direct Care specific growth tools
    Expert feedback
    Hint platform training
    Templates and worksheets
    Peer collaboration
    Build accountability

    Topics include

    Designing Your DPC Offering

    Retail Growth Strategy

    Contracting with Employers

    Member Retention

    Designing Member Experience

    How to participate

    Live Weekly Webinars

    Tune in every Thursday at 12 PM PT. Sessions usually last 10-20 minutes and cover a range of popular marketing, sales, and operational topics.

    On-demand Content

    Watch previous webinars and lessons in the DPC Accelerator curriculum at your own pace, and track your progress over time.

    Office Hours Twice Monthly

    Office hours give you the chance to get 1-on-1 and small group help from our experts and other experienced DPC clinicians.

    See what DPC Accelerator has to offer


    Designing Your Member Experience

    Discover new ways to enhance your member experience, increase engagement, and reduce attrition.

    Watch the video (31:57)


    Email Marketing to Gain New Members

    Learn how to keep prospective members interested with this simple lesson and sample email templates.

    Watch the video (10:34)


    The Top Three Lead Sources for Direct Primary Care

    Learn how you can leverage DPC's top referral sources to grow your membership panel.

    Watch the video (10:01)

    Join over 3,500 DPC clinicians who trust their practice to Hint

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